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About Bizoe

Bizoe Optics specializes in crystals and optical components for the commercial and research marketplace of scientific, defence, medical, pharmaceutical, opto-electronics industries. We are situated in Dalian, China, which is a transport hub of North China. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with optics as well as excellent service enable us to provide the professional support to our customers for their development. In this ever competitive world we deliver a high quality product at the right price, so we win the customers all around the world.
Bizoe Optics鈥檚 main products are as the following: optical lens(cylindrical lens, spherical lens), optical windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, beamsplitters and etc.


The Bizoe Optics Team

Bizoe Optics has years experience in distributing high quality optics for industrial applications and research laboratories around the world. Our executives and professional staff enable us to offer customer made solutions economically, moreover all products are processed with strict quality control guidelines and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
Bizoe Optics is on basis of customer design, high quality, fast delivery, competitive price, world-class service.



Bizoe Optics always puts the customer first in our business and strive to help our customer develop good applications. We firmly believe that our success depends on our customer's success, so our experienced staff will try our best to provide complete pre-sales and post-sales support.
Bizoe Optics would like to partner with our customers of OEM optics by competitive prices. Our commitment is to let customers earn the best advantage by our expertise service.


Contact us

Tel: 0086-411-84458109


New Products

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